Pole, Barre & Dance 

Our pole dance curriculum consists of three levels  designed to progressively challenge the body in terms of strength, flexibility, and coordination. Each level expands upon the skills of the previous level, building a solid foundation and repertoire of pole dance techniques.  




The first step is to sign up for the 6 week Beginner Initiation Series. There is a new class starting every three to four weeks. Click on the Series Classes page to find out more and to make a booking. After completing the Initiation Series students are required to complete the Professional Beginner series before moving up to Level 1. 


You can wear comfortable leggings or shorts and a top you can move in, no special gear needed. We will educate you on pole shoes when you're here! This class is accessible to everyone; there will be no climbing, flipping, or splits, we promise! Pole dance is a specialized skill set that takes time and dedication to develop. It can be scary to try something new, but everyone walked into their first pole class once, and we are committed to creating a positive experience for everyone in our Tribe. Please join us!



The 6 Week Professional Beginner Series follows immediately are the Initiation Series on the same day and time! During this series students will learn new spins, longer combinations and  pole climbing! Click on the Series Classes page for more Info and to sign up.

All series classes can be repeated! We all learn at a different pace and not everyone feels ready learn new skills after completing a series. Students who have repeated levels demonstrate a great level of strength and confidence.


Level 1 is an exciting place to be, the curriculum starts with a variety of fun spins and vertical pole tricks. You will learn individual skills as well as combos which are skills connected together with dance transitions and floor work. Spin Pole is introduced at level one adding a new dynamic and flow to  movements. Towards the end of Level 1 students will begin to prep for  inverting! Some of the common skills you can expect to learn in Level 1 are; Front hook spins, variations of back spins and climbing to the top of the pole!


When joining Level 2 students will have built a solid level of strength in holding their bodyweight away from the floor and mastered the foundation of dynamic spin technique. Students will continue to develop spins by practicing different grips and more challenging body positions. Combinations of skills will start to span the full length of the pole by ascending and descending. Some of the common skills you can expect to learn in Level 2 are; One handed spins and  pole tricks including Lay Backs and Leg Hangs.


Level 3 begins when students have a strong outside leg hook, smooth transitions and can invert with ease from the floor. Pole skills take a little longer to master at this level and require a degree of confidence in working independently. Most Tricks are performed with two or three points of contact. Some of the common skills you can expect to learn in Level 3 are; Superwoman, Jade Split, Shoulder Mount and Handsprings


Sexi Flow encompasses the power of feminine sensual movement, fluidity and seduction. This class is your evening to amplify the tantric temptress within yourself in a supportive group of women. You will learn all the classic movements such as body waves, head rolls, fun heel clacks, floor work and basic standing pole flow skills. This class is an incredible opportunity to connect and experience your body with respect and grace. New skills are added each week, building a strong thread of movement and a foundation to move with confidence and ease. Our goal is for students to gain enough dance tools to feel comfortable enough to freestyle! 

This series can be taken by new students who have dance experience, however we require following up with the 6 Week Beginner Initiation Series before moving on to other classes.

Choreography is designed around wearing shoes but sox are a good substitute. We recommend leg warmers, sox and knee pads for added protection when spending time on the floor. For heels we like the "Pleaser" brand  with a platform of 6 or 7 inches to get started. Tribe sells Leg warmers, knee pads and shorts!


Barre Fit is a total body strength and conditioning class tailored towards all levels of fitness and inspired by Ballet and Pilates. This class will maximize  your  performance potential and bring strength and balance to weaker areas of your body. The method focuses on working in strong controlled micro movements within every major muscle group. This workout is a great compliment to Pole, helping to prevent injury and develop strength! First class only $10


Become a bendier badass!  Stretching is a great compliment to pole as well as other forms of dance, this class is designed to give you more freedom in your expressive movements. We will utilize active and passive stretching as well as highly effective PNF techniques to safely increase your range of motion. Every stretch can be made easier with  modifications or made more challenging with props. You don't have to flexible to take this class!