Meet Lucy

London UK native, Lucy has maintained a strong connection to health and fitness through out her life. As a child, she was a dedicated gymnast and progressed to coaching the Elite Squad. Growing out of the the gym club in her early twenties Lucy transitioned to dance. It was during this time she discovered Pole Dance, a perfect fit for her acrobatics and passion for expression. Whilst living in London, Lucy trained at a number of Pole studios before moving to the USA in 2011 where she opened the first professional Pole Studio in Northeast Pennsylvania. Pole Dance Fitness was a dream come true, Lucy built a strong community of dedicated students and instructors. She hosted recitals, fundraisers and many other group  centered events. This experience set the foundation for her new home at Tribe! 

Lucy specializes in Strength Training, Flexibility, Choreography, Barre, Yoga and Pole Fitness to high level intermediate. Her classes will challenge you and encourage your playful silly side to shine through.

3rd Place SPC 2016 Level 4 Championship

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Meet Alexa

Alexa has been a dancer and performer from a young age. She has studied classical ballet, modern, contact improvisation, Irish and West African dance. She also gained experience teaching during a lifetime of dance. After moving to Asheville in 2016 Alexa discovered Tribe and enrolled in the Beginner Initiation series. She rarely misses a week and has continued to progress to an intermediate level. Pole has helped Alexa in more ways she could imagine, the practice has enabled her to shed a negative body image and limitations she experienced in ballet, increase her confidence and build great friendships. Alexa lives her passion and offers her students a wealth of experience. .   

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Meet Kristi

Kristi has immersed herself in a lifetime of dance and performance art. She has studied a myriad of movement forms from ballet, bellydance, and classical temple dances to flamenco, chi-kung, and afro-brazilian. She has also fallen in love with pole dancing. She feels as if her spirit takes flight through the spins and graceful movements executed in pole dance. She also feels empowered through this very athletic movement form. Kristi is excited to share this sensuous, strengthening, and freeing dance form with her students.

Meet Dana

Dana came to dance later in life. As a young girl she was told she was not athletic, and she believed that for years, thinking that dance was only for people with "natural" talent. While exercise was enjoyable, it never satisfied her deeper yearning for self-expression. After 10 years of being constrained in the repetitive motions of yoga and the belief that she was "not a dancer," she began taking pole dance lessons at S Factor in Chicago. This was a place where she could safely express her femininity through movement, and she began to realize that everyone, even she, is a dancer. For Dana, pole dance is an exhilarating blend of athleticism, grace, and self-expression.

Dana is trained in massage therapy, yoga, traumatic release, and holistic nutrition. She has explored a variety of movement modalities, from the challenging demands of Crossfit and rock climbing, to the subtle energetics of Tai Chi and Feldenkrais. She loves to study the neurophysiological and psychological effects of motor learning (the acquisition of new skills) and believes that pole dance is a perfect blend of the masculine and feminine within each of us.

Meet Carissa

Carissa Collinge grew up on the coast of Southern California where her dance journey began at the young age of four. She trained intensively in classical ballet for the following fourteen years, providing her with a stable technical foundation that she would continue to build upon as her heart called her to explore other creatively expressive genres. In the years that followed, Carissa received training in modern, contemporary, and jazz. It was during this exploration that her relationship with dance shifted from a passion based on aesthetics and competition to a practice rooted in presence, empowerment, and healing. She moved to Asheville in 2015 and has since been immersed in the local dance scene, performing with Trillium Dance Company and being a member of the Tribe Pole community since it’s birth! Pole dance has served as a catalyst for her exploration of sensuality, strength, freedom, and FUN! Carissa is thrilled to be sharing this exciting art form with her students.

Meet Deiah

Deiah’s love and passion for pole was born in July of 2015. All it took was one introduction class and she was hooked! Deiah has been dancing for as long as she can remember but only began to find confidence in movement within the last few years. She loves how pole allows her to move and enjoy her body, no matter its current size or shape! Deiah is inspired by the amazing and diverse women in her life and is passionate about creating a community for women that inspires them to be their best self. Deiah has an interest in dance therapy and ways to implement movement as a modality for healing and growth.


By day, Deiah is an event coordinator and she holds two undergraduate degrees (English and Hospitality Management) as well as her MBA. In her free time Deiah enjoys photography and playing with her two dogs!

1st Place SPC 2016 Level 1 Dramatic 

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